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TV Antennas

Sit back and enjoy your reception and leave the potentially difficult and dangerous TV antenna installation to the pros at Northern Technical.

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Giving you the gift of crisp, clear reception

We know that installing your antenna in Northern Wisconsin can be pretty tricky, what with dense woods and hilly terrain affecting your television reception.  After 35+ years, we know all the best techniques for getting a good signal just about anywhere, and can accommodate many different, often hard to reach installation spots.

  • Roof tripods
  • Towers
  • Tree mounts

Satellite Installation Service

Choose our satellite installation and repair services. We are experts at locating the right spot to place your dish.  We can locate obstacles obstructing your satellite signal. Sometimes you need to trim a branch off a tree. Don't cut down the whole tree. If you already have Satellite service at another location we can set up a dish at your home away from home so you can watch your programs without paying an additional bill. We can put them up a tower for those tough locations.

Offering convenient installation services for most satellite TV customers

When you choose satellite TV service, you have the option to take that service with you wherever you travel. With a dish installed at each of your locations, you can take your receiver to your second home, vacation spot, motor home or anywhere you want to watch television. Just hook it up, plug in your receiver box and enjoy your favorite shows.

Finding the best spot for your dish

In over 35 years, we've installed satellite dishes in a variety of hard-to-reach spots so our customers may enjoy the best satellite TV reception and picture possible. As long as it is stationary and secure and has a good, unobstructed view of that part of the heavens where your satellite is located, we can install your dish there. Here is a short list of both common and creative installation spots:

  • Ground poles (best option)
  • Roofs (not recommended)
  • Towers (best when trees are an issue)
  • Trees
  • Docks
  • Fence posts
  • Boathouses
  • Old junk cars

any spot

Antenna Repair and Replacement

Gable mount

What ya doing up there?